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Which is the best milk delivery app in Bangalore? (Detail Guide)

best milk delivery app in Bangalore

 Best milk delivery app in Bangalore: Hellow Friends my name Ankit Shah, Today we are discuss about Which is the best milk delivery app in Bangalore? (Detail Guide)

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People of all kinds need milk in their everyday diets. Finding unadulterated milk has become difficult due to the rise in adulteration. We are grateful for the applications that allow people to access fresh farm milk, fruits, and greens.

Many excellent applications offer delivery right to your entryway. Such applications were more in demand during the pandemic when people found it difficult to leave their homes and visit the nearby stores to purchase milk.

Numerous top milk service applications offer fresh milk transportation in Bangalore city. Discover the top 5 milk delivery applications in Bangalore by reading the piece below.

Which is the best milk delivery app in Bangalore

A country treat, FTH daily, Supr Daily, BbDaily, and milk basket are the top milk delivery apps in Bengaluru. Such applications offer you the option of dependable payment methods, fresh and high-quality milk, and protection. The list of the top milk delivery applications in Bengaluru, complete with features, is available.

1. Country Delight

One of the top milk delivery applications in India, Country Delight, launched in 2015. This programme offers a range of milk dairy goods, such as paneer, milk, ghee, etc.

Customers of Country Delight will be able to purchase essential dairy goods straight from the company’s network of 500 farms. Bangalore’s Country Delight offers premium-quality milk and dairy items that are devoid of milk powder.

The best part is that Country Delight milk is made in a plant that has received FSSAI approval and is tested 26 times before being given to the consumer. This app provides high-quality milk in this manner to give users the greatest value for their money.

The app is user-friendly, enabling users to quickly select their chosen date and merchandise. Additionally, it provides clients with details on deliveries, bills, and monthly usage logs.

The rural pleasure app’s features include:

  • Within 24-48 hours, the Country Delight app will deliver fresh milk.
    Milk quality is checked 26 times in a laboratory with FSSAI approval.
  • Bangalore customers who buy a sample of Country Delight milk also receive a complimentary test equipment.
  • The Country Delight milk delivery software makes it simple to view your purchases, daily usage summary, and bill.
  • Through this programme, clients are guaranteed the best in convenience with fresh milk delivered to their door.

2 Milkbasket

Another top milk delivery app in Bengaluru, Milkbasket makes the morning easier by sending out milk products and other everyday necessities. This programme offers a variety of choices with more than 40 kinds of milk from reputable companies like Amul, Nestle, etc.

The Milkbasket milk delivery service also sends eggs, bread packets, veggies, fruits, groceries, and yoghurts in addition to fresh milk.

It is a reputable milk delivery app with more than 50,000 users who already use the services for transportation of necessities and milk. The Milkbasket delivery software has many advantages, best milk delivery app in Bangalore including no delivery fees, no minimum purchase requirement, no CVV/OTP requirement, and payment.

Additionally, it offers customers the opportunity to receive daily delivery savings. Until midnight, best milk delivery app in Bangalore you can place orders on the Milkbasket delivery app. The Milkbasket app is also the best method to keep track of your monthly grocery costs right at your fingers.

milk box programme has to offer:

  • Fresh milk and other necessities are delivered daily to your door thanks to the Milkbasket service app. best milk delivery app in Bangalore
  • You can view and manage your monthly expenditures using the Milkbasket app’s various sections.
  • The Milkbasket team will be informed and won’t transport milk if you simply designate the vacation start and finish dates on its app.
  • By going to the catalogue of recurring orders, you can quickly programme your purchase to repeat itself if necessary.

3.FTH daily

Another top daily milk delivery app that offers a range of daily necessities is FTH (FreshToHome). best milk delivery app in Bangalore FTH Daily wants to provide its customers with milk that is always 100% fresh and of the highest calibre.

Using the FTH milk delivery software, you can discover a variety of milk products and other necessities with ease. Additionally, you can purchase a membership to the FTH Milk app to take advantage of daily discounts on milk and other dairy goods and save money.

best milk delivery app in Bangalore The best part is that the FTH daily programme makes it simple to set up a daily milk routine.

FTH regular milk delivery programme has to offer:

  • FTH is a one-stop grocery app in Bengaluru that brings milk along with all the ingredients you’ll need to prepare a healthy meal.
  • You can use the FTH daily programme with ease thanks to its user-friendly design.
  • A daily membership to FTH can also be planned at your leisure. For the upcoming delivery, you can simply add more products to your cart.
  • The FTH everyday app offers a wide variety of goods, including veggies and fresh milk. best milk delivery app in Bangalore
  • To better serve users, the FTH daily milk delivery app frequently adds new goods to its list of offerings.
  • The intriguing deals on this app lower your daily shopping costs.

4.Supr Daily

One of the finest daily delivery applications is Supr Daily, which offers fresh produce, milk, and other daily necessities. Supr Daily offers a huge selection of high-quality, new goods.

You are not subject to any time or minimum purchase limitations with this programme. Customers can make orders at Supr Daily as late as 11 p.m. with ease, and they can easily purchase the specific quantity they need. best milk delivery app in Bangalore

Additionally, this programme gives subscription holders the choice to plan daily deliveries of fresh milk. They can easily use the Supr Daily milk delivery app in this manner.

Features of Supr Daily milk delivery app

  • Before 11 PM, you can purchase any of the 3000+ items. The following morning, before 7 am, they bring your purchase.
  • By seven am every day, fresh fruits, milk, veggies, or other necessities will be delivered to your door.
  • There are no requirements for minimal orders. best milk delivery app in Bangalore This means that you can simply purchase any number of pieces from the Supr Daily app based on your needs.
  • You can start getting premium goods on a daily basis by using the Supr Daily app.
  • The Supr Daily programme guarantees that the merchandise you receive is always 100% fresh.
  • You can order fresh and consume fresh whether you’re ordering milk or another necessity.
  • The Supr Daily programme also offers a subscription holder alternative that enables you to enrol, plan deliveries, and get your purchase by 7 am. best milk delivery app in Bangalore
  • After purchasing a membership, you must pay the $3.25 per packet service charge.


BBDaily is a reputable milk delivery app in Bengaluru that works with the well-known grocery marketplace large basket to offer necessary milk services. In order to transport fresh milk straight from the farm to the customer’s address, it was founded in 2011.

Bangalore is one of the ten largest Indian towns that this milk delivery software serves. More than 5000 items, including fresh milk, fruits, veggies, bakery goods, and essentials, are available from BBDaily.

best milk delivery app in Bangalore You can receive house distribution of BBDaily articles in a secure and easy manner with a low-cost subscription.

You can purchase fresh milk from BBDaily every day by 7 am. The BBDaily app’s built-in wallet gives you the choice to purchase a membership and have fresh milk delivered daily to your location.

Features of BBDaily milk delivery app

  • The best feature of the BBDaily milk delivery programme is its freshness. best milk delivery app in Bangalore
  • The milk freshness is the main factor contributing to the high level of confidence Bengaluru residents have in this app. best milk delivery app in Bangalore
  • You can simply purchase a BBDaily milk subscription through this programme and receive the milk every day.
  • After signing up for a membership, best milk delivery app in Bangalore each daily container of milk costs $2 or $3 in service charges.
  • A selection of milk and other necessary goods are available from BBDaily. best milk delivery app in Bangalore
  • Because BBDaily brings fresh milk to your house every day before 7 am, you can rely on them for dependable milk delivery services.
  • The best part is that there are no minimum purchase requirements, so you can buy specific products based on your needs.


Because they give full control over milk orders and purchases, all of the aforementioned milk delivery applications are among the best in Bengaluru. With these applications, you can streamline the process of taking fresh milk with the correct order and monitoring information.

Q: Which programme offers milk every day?
– There are a lot of top applications that offer you milk every morning. You can buy fresh everyday milk once you download the programme and top up your wallet.
Q: How can I get regular access to Nandini milk at home?
– The website simplesubscribe.com delivers Nandini milk to your house every morning before 7 am. With this, you can avoid the early crowds to get fresh milk.
Q: What programme provides milk delivery in Bangalore?
There are numerous top applications in Bangalore that will transport milk to your location. You can buy milk through any of the top milk delivery applications, such as country delight, pay for it, and have it delivered right to your door.


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