You are currently viewing Samsung Galaxy S25 5G Price, Release Date and Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy S25 5G Price, Release Date and Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy S25 5G Price, Release Date and Full Specs: We will discuss about the forthcoming smartphone that will be released very soon after the Samsung Galaxy S22 by none other than everyone’s favourite Samsung company.

According to insiders, the popular company Samsung will shortly release a smartphone from the Galaxy S series. The smartphone will be called the Samsung Galaxy S25.

According to our sources, the release of this new phone is imminent, and it will be reasonably priced. This phone will be an upgraded S series smartphone.

With the most recent five cameras and a dual selfie camera, this smartphone will offer many fantastic features. A 7000mAh Li-po battery, 1 TB of storage, and 16 Gb of RAM will all be included in the Galaxy S25.

There are still many more things to share with you, so stick around until the end if you want to learn more about the Galaxy S25’s specifications, features, release date, and pricing.

Let’s start with the whole specifications of this superb Galaxy S25 smartphone, followed by the release date and pricing.

Samsung Galaxy S25 5G Full Specifications 

Samsung Galaxy S25

Design: The metal frame of the S25 smartphone will support its light weight of 165 grammes. The S25’s colours have not yet been revealed, therefore we are unsure of its palette. The setup will resemble that of previous S series smartphones nearly exactly.

Display: The 6.3-inch super AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S25 is vibrant and vibrant. The 3x capacitive touchscreen of the Galaxy S25 supports 32M colours. This Galaxy S25 has a 1440 x 3200 pixel resolution. This S25 smartphone’s front and back will both be covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 7.

Camera: This Galaxy S25, as we previously said, will have five cameras. The camera will have 108MP/64MP/48MP/12MP/12MP resolution. You will also receive a dual selfie camera with these rear cameras. Additionally, the selfie camera will have a 25MP and 10MP resolution. With the next Galaxy S25 smartphone, 4k definition videos will be possible to record.

Battery: This Galaxy S25 smartphone will also have a non-removable battery, much like the previous S series smartphones. The battery has an almost 8-hour runtime. Additionally, this phone’s battery will charge really quickly. Additionally, wireless charging is supported. The battery will be a 7000mAh Li-poly unit.

Operating System: Let’s move on to the Galaxy S25’s operating system. This phone’s operating system will be Android v13. The non-core or most recent S series CPU will be used. The chipset and GPU are not yet verified. However, we vow to release such information as well very soon. This phone will function with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and 6G networks. It follows that the performance will be significantly superior than that of the other S Series smartphones.

Storage: This Galaxy S25 comes with 256GB/512GB/1TB of internal storage and 12GB/14GB/16GB of RAM. This phone will include an additional dedicated slot for an additional SD card, allowing you to utilise an SD card for more storage.

Others: The Galaxy S25 will be compatible with Bluetooth v6.0, Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct, FM radio, Type-c 2.0 reversible connection, USB 4.0, Wi-Fi, Dual-Band, and other features. Because this S25 has security sensors including a face detector, fingerprint reader, barometer, accelerometer, compass, gyro, and proximity, you won’t need to worry about its security.

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Samsung Galaxy S25 5G Release Date

Since Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed anything, we can’t give you a specific release date. However, we can share with you the anticipated release date that we learned from our sources. As we previously stated, the Galaxy S25 would be released following the S22, thus February 2023 is the anticipated release date. If you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S25, you will need to wait until 2023, according to certain sources, who state with certainty that it won’t hit stores until March 2023. You must wait for official confirmation from the Samsung Company since all of them are simply rumours.

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Samsung Galaxy S25 5G Price

Because of its reputation for producing high-quality goods, Samsung’s prices are frequently greater than those of other companies. But as we have mentioned, this phone will be reasonably priced given the calibre of Samsung’s previous models. You’ll have to pay for this Samsung Galaxy S25 smartphone.

  • Samsung Galaxy S25 Price in the USA $1650
  • Galaxy S25 Price in India 1,24,500RS
  • 1,40,000 TK in Bangladesh
  • 2,69,500 PKR in Pakistan and
  • 11,500 CNY in China
  • Samsung Galaxy S25 Price in Europ 1,616 Euro.

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