Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Price, Release Date & Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Price, Release Date & Full Specs: The newest and most advanced phone of this year is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (2022). The brand-new phone will change the market with its fresh design, internals, and other features. The 90% screen-to-body ratio of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is unprecedented for a smartphone on the market. Look no farther than the Samsung S23 Ultra if you’re searching for a brand-new, cutting-edge phone.

NameSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G 2022
Release DateDecember 5, 2022
Price$1299 USD
Ram/Rom12/16 GB RAM and 256/512 GB ROM
Battery🔋Capacity7100 mAh

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A 200MP camera, 16GB of RAM, and a 7100mAh battery are included in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G smartphone.

We’re thrilled to inform you that Samsung will release the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G as early as 2022. The best smartphone ever will be the future flagship! We are anxiously anticipating it! Examine the Samsung Galaxy R1 5G as well.

Samsung is currently one of the most well-known smartphone manufacturers worldwide. And the reason for that is its high-tech goods. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a Samsung phone, you may locate one right now.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The price, specifications, and release date for Samsung’s forthcoming smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, are shown below. Release date, complete specifications, and price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G are being described in order. So, staying with us and continue reading this content.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Display

The 6.8-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra supports 16 million colours. Although the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a different kind of screen, it is larger than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Like its predecessors, it is composed of metal and has a typical infinity display.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

The rear of Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 Ultra 2022 is equipped with four lenses. It contains an 8MP telephoto lens, a 32MP RGB sensor, a 64MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 200MP main sensor. A 48MP selfie camera with LED light is also included. You may use it to take images without a doubt.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Battery

An excellent smartphone has to have a good battery. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy F72 Pro’s long-lasting performance was powered by a non-removable 7100 mAh Li-Polymer battery. You don’t require another charge for at least 36 hours after the initial charge. A popular unique feature for a flagship gadget is “Fast Battery Charging.” Because of this, this phone has 45W Quick Battery Charging Features.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Storage

When a buyer wants to purchase a new smartphone today, they quickly examine the phone’s memory capacity. RAM, ROM, internal storage, and a second micro SD card are all included in the memory. The Samsung Galaxy F72 Pro will have 12/16GB RAM and two storage options: 256GB and 512GB. By utilising a micro SD card with a capacity of up to 1TB, customers can swiftly deplete internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Processor & Others

The new Samsung phone will be fantastic. Additionally, it runs Android 13 and is powered by a Snapdragon 898 5G mobile CPU. This phone contains a sensor that is both fascinating and helpful. It operates underneath the display and has a fingerprint scanner and facial unlock. GSM, 3G, HSPA+, LTE, and 5G are all supported by the phone’s dual SIM. Anyone who often travels or uses their phone to remain in touch with pals all around the world should consider this option.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price

The cost of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is $1299 (about Rs. 75,900). Prices for your nation might vary based on government taxes and other fees. As a result, you might anticipate finding the gadget priced differently in your nation.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price in USA

The Samsung Galaxy S series is a favourite among American smartphone consumers. It is fair to assume that people are interested in learning the price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra in the USA. Mobile industry analysts anticipate it will cost $1299.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price in Australiya

Australian smartphone owners are major admirers of the Samsung Galaxy S series. It is reasonable to assume that people in Australia are interested in the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is estimated to be valued AU$1,839.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price in Canada

The Samsung Galaxy S series is well-known to be a national obsession in Canada. It is simple to imagine that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will cost $1,649 in Canada when you take into account the series’ devoted fan following. This is the price that smartphone aficionados anticipate for the device.

Samsung S23 Ultra Price in UK/Great Britain

The cost of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the UK/Great Britain is significant. Smartphone owners who adore the Galaxy S series are highly interested in the price. Experts estimate its value to be 966 UK euros.

Below are pricing based on several nations:

Samsung S23 Ultra Price in Pakistan229,793 Pakistani rupee
Samsung S23 Ultra Price in India96,914 Indian Rupee
Samsung S23 Ultra Price in Nigeria540,163 Nigerian Naira
S23 Ultra Price in Saudi Arabia4,873.56 Saudi riyal
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra  price in German926 Germany Euro

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Release Date

The release date and price of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 ultra are still unknown. As Samsung continues to update and correct any flaws with the device, we anticipate the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Release Date to be late in 2022 or early in 2023.

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Frequently Ask Question

Q: What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?
A: The price of this phone will be $1050 USD (Expected).

Q: How much RAM and ROM does it contain?
A: It has two variants with 12GB/16GB in RAM and one variant of 256GB/512GB in ROM.

Q: When Samsung S23 Ultra will release?
A: It will launch in November 2022 (Expected).

Q: Does Galaxy S23 Ultra support 4G?
A: Yes.

Q: What processor does the Samsung S23 Ultra have?
A: Snapdragon 898 5G.

Q: Does Galaxy S23 Ultra support a 5G network?
A: Yes, It supports a 5G network.

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