Samsung Drone Camera Phone Price, Specifications & Launch Date

Samsung Drone Camera Phone: If any new technology is introduced in the smartphone, then customers welcome it. In such a situation, now the Samsung is also bringing some similar technology, about which the customers seem very happy to hear about it. Samsung has filed a patent in which it has been informed that, the company is bringing a smartphone inside which a small drone will be given and it will work as a drone camera. That is, after taking off from your handset, it will go into the air and take a perfect selfie.


  • Samsung will release the world’s first smartphone with a drone camera
  • A patent has also been issued by Samsung
  • The smartphone’s sensor will be 200MP

Samsung Drone Camera Phone

Samsung filed a patent a few months ago for what may be the most innovative way to get rid of the notch: using a flying drone with a camera module. Dual cameras and an infrared sensor are likely to be included in the drone. The similar drone may be housed within the phone and ejected as needed, according to Samsung’s patent file. While the patent drawings provide a good idea of how the module may work,

To help people imagine how the module could work, LetsGoDigital designer Sarang Seth has produced new concept images of the device. According to the graphic, a module slides out of the device in what seems to be an expanded SIM tray. The graphics have been released solely for illustrative purposes, and it is important to note that Samsung has yet to release any such device.

What will be the battery life of Samsung Drone Camera Phone?

The most urgent worry expressed by both the patent application and the newly revealed drawings is the effect of the camera module on the main device’s battery life. Given its size and the quantity of energy required to function for an extended period of time, the module can use a substantial amount of power from the smartphone.

The module seems to protrude from the main body of the gadget. This can use up a lot of space that might be use to store a smartphone battery. Another problem presented by Seth’s and LetsGoDigital’s drawings is how the drone module would return to the smartphone.

While ordinary drone cameras can return to their base stations, the tray that retracts and expands from the device is unlikely to be motorised, thus the module will have to be fully lowered each time, or the user would have to do so manually. should be preserved.

The design should be taken with a grain of salt, as with any concept of a device that does not yet exist, because the technology involved may change over time as Samsung refines its early designs. Is Even if the company created a product that used this technology, it may have a few tweaks or improvements. It is far too early to make any predictions or predictions at this time.

Samsung Drone Camera Phones Price, Launch Date

Because Samsung hasn’t revealed any details regarding the next Samsung flying camera smartphone, it’s hard to guess on its price and release date. However, we can reveal that this flying camera phone will be the first phone in the world to have a flying drone camera, as well as some price details. Tell us what you think the phone’s price should be in the comments.

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