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How to delete snapchat ai

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How to delete Snapchat ai: In February 2023, Snapchat launched its AI feature for the Global audience which provides similar output as ChatGPT. With the passage of time, the question has been raised by users such as: 

  • Is the Snapchat AI bot safe? 
  • Is Snapchat an AI invasion of privacy? 

In terms of safety, users had raised concerns regarding authenticity, the spread of misinformation, How to delete snapchat ai and data collection.

The Snapchat AI bit can be considered safe in terms of having informative online conversations where trust is formed mutually similar to Google Assistant on Android or Siri on iPhone. As it is powered by the ChatGPT engine, you can consider it as your brainstorming buddy that will help you unlock new possible opportunities. 

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Concern regarding Snapchat AI invasion of privacy, developers behind this software have made sure to make all interactions secure and private using 256-bit SSL encryption technology. How to delete snapchat ai So that all conversations could be confidential within concerned parties only. A disclaimer has been released regarding interaction with AI and advised users not to share any secrets or rely for advice on the snap AI bot.

The popularity of the Snapchat feature of the Ai chatbot is undeniable but not everyone is a fan of this My Ai feature. How to delete snapchat ai So now the question is can you remove Ai bot from Snapchat? 

Delete snapchat ai without snapchat plus subsciption

Steps To Delete Snapchat My Ai bot 

If you are switched off with the concept of the My Ai feature, then your first step is to block Ai from watching Snapchat stories.

By default your Snapchat stories are watched and monitored by Ai indirectly. You can confirm its access from the Toddle button under the My Ai "privacy setting".

Snapchat has already declared that"content shared with my AI, including your location if you have shared that with Snapchat, will be used by my AI to provide relevant and useful responses to your request, including nearby place recommendations". 

Steps to block Ai from watching Snapchat stories

Steps to turn off access to your stories from Snapchat my AI feature: 

  • Open Snapchat and go to the chats tab
  • The next step is to tap and hold my AI banner
  • Then you have to click on the privacy setting
  • Finally, toggle off "My Story". 

Delete your data saved in my AI Snapchat

As announced by Snapchat, data of all interactions with the My Ai feature is saved. Until you delete that data from privacy controls yourself. 

how to clear chat from snapchat my AI

Steps to delete Snapchat My AI data from the device

Tap on the profile icon and scroll down to "privacy controls". Then tap and clear data followed by tapping on "clear my AI data". How to delete snapchat ai

Snapchat officially declared that "by selecting confirm, data from your past conversation with my AI will be deleted from our system, but this will not include visible or saved Content, including where you have @mention My Ai in other conversation". 

So in order to delete My AI data from mentioned conversations, you have to delete the whole conversation with another user where My AI has been mentioned by long pressing on that. How to delete snapchat ai

Delete My AI from Snapchat permanently

Snapchat has been clever enough to capitalize on the pain points of users. Currently, the only way by which you can permanently delete or unpin My AI is by purchasing Snapchat+membership. The cost of membership is $3.99/month or a yearly plan of $29.99 which includes exclusive features such as custom app icons, pre-release features, custom story expiration, etc. After buying a Snapchat+ membership, all you have to do is to hold the My AI option in chat, then go to "Chat settings" & tap on "Clear from chat feed".

Tap on bitmoji> Tap settings icon> (scroll down) Tap Privacy Controls> Tap Clear Data> Tap Clear Conversation> Tap "X"> Tap Clear 

Does Snapchat AI bot store my data from the conversation

Snapchat AI interaction data of users is used by Snap and other products such as ads to make these relevant and personal according to consumer behavior.

Snapchat has already declared that"content shared with my AI, including your location if you have shared that with Snapchat, will be used by my AI to provide relevant and useful responses to your request, including nearby place recommendations". 

How to delete Snapchat AI on iPhone

how delete snapchat ai on android & iphone

Here are the steps that you need to follow to delete My Ai on iPhone: 

Note: Before deleting Snapchat AI on iPhone, currently it is compulsory to buy a Snapchat+ subscription to access this feature. 

  • First episode swipe right on the camera screen to chat
  • Then you have to press and hold on My AI option available on the top
  • Chat setting and then click on clear from chat feed option

Why can't I delete my AI on Snapchat

Users who haven't purchased a Snapchat Plus subscription will not get any option to delete Snapchat AI from their account. How to delete snapchat ai

How to remove Snapchat AI without Snapchat plus

Although there is no permanent method to remove Snapchat AI without Snapchat Plus, you can try this method that works for many users to delete AI without paying to install older versions of the Snapchat APK file from a trusted source at your own risk. How to delete snapchat ai It is important to know that here security risks or compatibility issues can result in crashing Snapchat. 

Is my AI on Snapchat safe?

The Official declaration from the Snapchat support site shows that AI has been made to follow certain guidelines to avoid harmful, violent, sexually explicit, or dangerous responses.

With time many users found that from a brainstorming point of view, snap ai is safe but it needs to be made safer for younger Snapchat users because this AI bot doesn't give age-specific responses leading to exposure of inappropriate content like substance use or sexual activity.

How to unpin my Ai without a Snapchat Plus subscription 

You can unpin My AI by tapping on the management screen present on your profile option and then clicking on Toggle off "My AI" in your Snap+ subscription account. 

Officially there is no option to pin my AI without paying for Snapchat Plus users but there is a way by which Android users can unpin my AI without paying Snapchat Plus subscription: installation of Snapchat APK older version file from an authenticated or trusted source. This process includes its own risk of using outdated versions like stability or compatibility issues causing the crashing of the app.

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