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Google Pixel Fold Price, Release Date and Full Specifications

Google Pixel Fold Price, Release Date and Full Specifications: The Google Pixel Fold is a brand-new smartphone that will revolutionise how we use mobile devices. This phone can be folded in half to make a compact phone that is simple to carry around and is intended to be used as a tablet. The Google Pixel Fold could be the best choice for you if you’re seeking for a unique phone with plenty of possibilities.

Name Google Pixel Fold
Release Date April 20, 2023
Price $1,900 USD
Ram/Rom 12/16GB RAM & 512/1TB ROM
Battery Capacity 🔋 6,100 mAh

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The Google Pixel Fold should be on your list of options if you’re looking for a new foldable smartphone. When you pull out this sleek, fashionable phone, which is unlike any other smartphone on the market, people will take notice.

In order to help you decide if the Pixel Fold is the right phone for you, below is a rundown of all its important features. In addition to the rumoured moniker “Google Pixel Fold,” we have identified additional names for this phone in various leaks, including “Google Passport,” “Google Logbook,” and “Pixel Notepad.”

Google Pixel Fold Full Specifications 

Google Pixel Fold

A brand-new smartphone style called the Google Pixel Fold will be sold this year. A foldable display on the phone may be opened up to reveal a full-sized phone. There are several distinctive and cutting-edge features on the Google Pixel Fold display, including:

  • Compared to other smartphones, it is more ergonomically designed and thinner.
    It is sturdy and resistant to scratches.
  • It includes an automated sleep/wake feature that enables you to pick up the phone or answer calls without having to dig around for it.
  • You don’t have to pick between using it as a tablet or a smartphone because it can do both.

Google Pixel Fold Display

The Google Pixel Fold display is a distinctive and creative idea that has the power to alter how we think about smartphones. One of the smallest and most straightforward foldable screens now available, it boasts a 7.6-inch touchscreen display that can be folded down to 6.5 inches. It also offers a 144Hz refresh rate.

The front and back panels make up the two components of the Pixel Fold display. Like a paper aircraft, the front panel, which is a screen, may be folded down to form the back panel. You have your typical smartphone screen in front of you as you unfold it once more.

As a result, you may use the phone as you normally would without having to worry about making any mistakes or experiencing any other problems. You may use the phone in several modes, such as whether you’re seated at a desk or using it hands-free, thanks to the folding screen.

Google Pixel Fold Camera

The triple back camera setup on the Google Pixel Fold is unusual and opens up a wide range of possibilities for the gadget. When not being used as a phone, it may, for instance, be a tablet or video monitor. When outside, it might also be used as a temporary whiteboard or sketchpad.

It sports a punch hole 48MP front camera on the front panel that supports [email protected]/60fps footage. There isn’t a lot of information yet regarding the phone’s precise specs or how it will be unique from other Android devices. However, we can anticipate that it will have many of the same traits as current Google phones, such as the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Google Pixel Fold Battery

Google just unveiled a brand-new product called the Pixel Fold. The display of this foldable phone may be split in half and used as a tablet. The Pixel Fold’s 6100mAh battery is said to be capable of lasting up to 30 hours, which is a lot longer than the majority of other foldable phones now available.

Additionally, it boasts some outstanding specifications, such as an IP68 grade for water and dust resistance and an under-display fingerprint scanner.

Google Pixel Fold Storage

The Pixel Fold offers 512GB and 1TB of non-expandable inbuilt storage. The Google Pixel Fold stands apart from competing smartphones thanks to a number of intriguing features. For instance, it doesn’t have a screen protector because the phone’s foldable screen guards against scuffs and dust. Another characteristic that makes the phone useful for use when travelling is that it may remain unlocked even when folded.

Google Pixel Fold Processor

One of the strongest and most cutting-edge mobile platforms accessible is its Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC Mobile Platform. The phone uses Android 14 and has features including voice recognition, gesture navigation, and Always On Display.

Google Pixel Fold Price

Google just unveiled the Pixel Fold, a new smartphone. It is a folding phone that is elegant and thin in design. The Google Pixel Fold pricing in the USA is predicted to be approximately $1900.

Country Price
Google Pixel Fold Price in UAE 5000 AED
Google Pixel Fold Price in Indonesia 179000
Google Pixel Fold Price in India 117000 INR
Pixel Fold Price in Bangladesh 170000 BDT
Pixel Fold Price in Philippines ₱115000
Pixel Fold Price in China ¥5900

Google Pixel Fold Release Date

Although we are interested to see what this new technology will offer, we do not yet know when or if it will be available on common devices. Midway through 2023 is when the Google Pixel Fold is anticipated to launch, although neither a price nor a release date have been announced. Although we do not currently have any official information, Google may release the phone at some time in the upcoming year.

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Users who have handled a phone that splits in half before won’t be familiar with the Google Pixel Fold. This capability shouldn’t be taken for granted, though, as businesses like Apple and Samsung haven’t yet adopted it. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these developments, keep checking our website frequently.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information on this website is completely correct. Because our website “Mobile Gyans” strives to keep up with the latest mobile news.

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