Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review with Pros and Cons : the best DSLR around the Rs 50k mark

Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review ,Canon is a well-known brand in the camera sector, and the firm is introducing a brand-new, distinctive camera at both a low cost and a high cost.

According to where you reside in the world, the firm has recently introduced the Canon EOS 200d Mark ii, Rebel SL3, EOS 250D, or Kiss X10 under the EOS brand.

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A replacement for the Canon EOS 200d, the Canon EOS 200d Mark ii was introduced on June 28, 2017, in India. With only a kit lens, the Canon 200d Mark ii is a DSLR that costs Rs 46,999. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review If you want a kit lens + Zoom lens, you will need to pay around Rs. 58,999.

Now, if you want to purchase this DSLR, it is readily accessible on practically every e-commerce website as well as in the official Canon shop, but before doing so, Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review why not read our in-depth evaluation of the Canon 200d Mark ii with pros and cons to help you determine if it is the right DSLR for you.

Quality & Design Of Canon EOS 200d Mark ii

By the way, the weight of the Canon 200d Mark ii is around 449 grammes, which is excellent for any DSLR. The weight of the Canon 200d is likewise excellent at 453 grammes. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review 

There is no metal or even aluminium in the construction of this DSLR since Canon chose plastic instead. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

I must add that if you have already used a DSLR from Canon, you will feel fairly at ease using this DSLR. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

Additionally, the buttons are positioned correctly, so there are no problems when taking pictures or even recording movies.

A dial for adjusting shutter speed is located in front of the shutter button, towards the front of the device. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

By the way, the DSLR has a badge that reads “EOS 200d ii” so you can tell if it’s an EOS 200 or a Canon 200d Mark ii if you look closely since Canon hasn’t altered the design or even the construction of this new Canon 200d Mark ii.

Speaking of positioning, the HDMI & Mico USB ports are on the right side, while the Mic port is located on the left. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

The tough aspect now is that the battery is located on the bottom side of the DSLR. If the battery is running low, you must remove the DSLR from the tripod in order to replace it.

Another issue is that the tripod must be unmounted because the SD card port is located alongside the battery.

Because the SD card and battery are the two most important components of any DSLR and must be replaced when they run out, I would conclude that this is a very poor design.

A second issue is that the MIC location is improper. If you want to flip the display, you must be extremely careful since the 3.5mm audio jack blocks the region and makes it difficult to do so.

Therefore, be careful not to damage the display if you’re using a DSLR for the first time. Overall, the design and build quality are flawless, with the exception of those two issues.

Canon EOS 200d Mark ii

The software, or user interface, differs slightly from the Canon 200d due to the company’s addition of new functions and relocation of setting locations.

Therefore, if you have previously used a Canon DSLR, there won’t be any issues; however, if you haven’t, it may take some getting used to.

When it comes to camera settings, the Canon 200D Mark II includes nearly all of the features of the Canon 200D. You can pick between MPEG-4 and H.264 with IPB compression, and it also offers Dual Pixel CMOS AF3 (Max. 3975 points selectable). Currently, the movie is 3840 by 2160 at 25p (approx. 120 Mbps).

Camera Performance Of Canon EOS 200d Mark ii

Let me first demonstrate the distinction between the Canon 200d and Canon 200D Mark II before I discuss camera performance.

Canon EOS 200D                   Mark ii

Canon ESO 200d

Camera Resolution24.1 megapixels24.2 megapixels
Image processorDIGIC 8DIGIC 7
Focus systemTTL-SIR Phase difference detection with dedicated with dedicated AF SensorTTL-SIR Phase difference detection with dedicated with dedicated AF Sensor
AF point for viewfinder99
Live View focusingDual Pixel CMOS AF3 (Max . 3975 point selectable)Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Shooting modesscene intelligent Auto , p, Tv ,Av ,M, Creative Filter, SCNPortrait Group Photos, landscape, Sports, Kids, Close- up, Food, candlelight, Night Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight Control
Picture Style/Control Setting Auto, Standard, Portrait, landscape, Fine Detail,  Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined(x3)Auto, Standard, Portrait, landscape, Fine Detail,  Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined(x3)
Movie Format MPEG-4, H.264 with IPB CompressionMP4
ISO Range ISO 100- 25600, Expansion to ISO 51200 AvailableISO 100- 25600, Expansion to ISO 51200 Available

Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

The Canon EOS 200d Mark ii features the brand-new Digic 8 processor, which guarantees a smooth shooting experience and significantly improved image quality over the Digic 7 processor.

Additionally, it features dual-pixel autofocus technology, which makes it easier to record high-quality videos since it constantly focuses on your face and knows whether or not you are in the picture.

This EOS 200D Mark ii is designed for videography much like his older brother, so if you’re into it, this can be a perfect choice. The good news is that if you already own Canon lenses, you can utilise existing lenses with this DSLR instead of purchasing a new lens for it.

With a base modal that has built-in image stabilisation, Canon has provided a kit lens.By the way, the kit lens has an F4.5 aperture, so if you’re taking photos up close,

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you won’t get bokeh photographs. You may use a 50mm lens with an aperture of 1.8 to get beautiful bokeh images.

Let me now display some photos that I took with my Canon EOS 200d Mark II.Since the photos have been compressed, clicking right will see the original versions, which I have posted to Google Drive.

Even with a cropped output, this DSLR’s 4K at 25 fps video capability is excellent considering the price range in which it competes.

Now, if you’re seeking to buy a DSLR for filmmaking or vlogging, this DSLR could be a wonderful option under $50,000. It can also shoot excellent photos because it’s a DSLR, so you won’t be let down. Talking about battery life can help you decide.

Battery Of Canon EOS 200d Mark ii

With the Canon 200d Mark ii’s LP-E17 battery, you can capture 700+ shots or 1.5 hours of video on a single charge. It’s your choice whether to take 700+ shots or 1.5 hours of video.

By the way, the battery life hasn’t been a problem for me yet, so if you want to take this camera on a trip, it will last for 1.5 days, which is a terrific bargain. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

Now, how much time you use this camera in a single day is up to you; if you shoot more than 700 images in an hour, you’ll need to recharge the battery.

In terms of charging time, it will take around 2 hours to charge the battery from zero to 100%. By the way, Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review I checked the charging time and found that it takes precisely 2 hours to charge a battery to 100%. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

The gadget has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. With the Canon Camera Connect app, you can also instantaneously transfer photographs from the camera to your Android or iOS smartphone. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review


The Canon EOS 200d Mark II offers every feature you could possibly want in a DSLR, making it a fantastic option if your budget is less than $50,000. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review I’ve listed its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to get a Canon 200d Mark II or not.

Pros Of Canon EOS 200d Mark ii

  • easy-to-use controls
  • excellent picture quality
  • slender frame
  • the Dual Pixel technique
  • long-lasting battery

Cons Of Canon EOS 200d Mark ii

  • 9 AF points total.
  • 4k resolution cropped output

If you solely want a DSLR for photography, you should choose the Nikon D5600 instead because it has 27 AF points and will allow you to shoot somewhat better pictures. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review However, you will lose the Dual Pixel technology. Decide what features you want in a DSLR first.

In my opinion, the Canon EOS 200d Mark II is the best choice since it offers excellent videography in addition to excellent picture quality. Canon EOS 200d Mark ii Review

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